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Why advertise a vacancy, wait three weeks for applications to close, then start shortlisting, when you can instantly find job seekers with the skills you need and shortlist in less than one hour? Talent Propeller's Fusion is a revolutionary 3-Dimensional Recruitment™ platform, not a job board or a recruitment agency. We’re a talent technology solution that offers so much more than a basic key word search.

Get matched to candidates based not only on what industry experience they’ve ticked, but the results of actual skill and aptitude tests. You can get a feel for their communication skills via their profile video and if you want some human advice, we have hiring experts who can help. Once you have compiled your shortlist, send your job to candidates who will liaise directly with you. Talent Propeller's Fusion allows you to move from job signoff to shortlist and face to face interviews within a couple of hours.
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  • Input the criteria for your role
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How it works
Candidates build a profile of their experience, complete skills, aptitude and personality tests, as well as a short profile video.
You need to hire, you visit our website first and conduct a search for the key competencies required for the role.
Our system matches you to candidates based on their skills, aptitude and experience. Watch a profile video, request a recruiter summary, and compile a shortlist.
Once you've got your shortlist, bulk email your role to candidates and even organise interviews at the click of a button.
Here’s how we can make your recruitment better
Works on any device
As well as your traditional desktop computer, our software has been designed to work across a range of devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops!
Online Platform
Our software works from your web browser, meaning there's nothing to install or keep up to date. You can be confident that your data is kept secure and encrypted.
Instantly Connect
Reach out directly to all talent of interest. No middle man, no need to buy email credits or upgrades.
Low Cost Alternative
Unlike a job board, we take a 3-Dimensional view of your requirements to match you with the right talent. Unlike a recruitment agency, we don’t charge exorbitant placement fees when you find the person you want to hire.
Personal Touch
We offer job seekers a free consultation to ensure their profiles are relevant, up to date and correct. This means better matches for you.
Unrivaled Support
We're people-people and our team is famous for providing amazing help when it’s needed.

We provide sensational support
Our team is famous for providing amazing help when it’s needed. We pride ourselves on superior service that is fast and friendly! With over 20+ years experience in the recruitment sector we are passionate about a world where employers and jobseekers can connect directly.
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